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Tomorrow is the day, the day that Denise of GirlieontheEdge opens the link for one and all to share in Six Sentence Stories as writers and readers. That link will be open through Saturday. The prompt words get posted on Sundays and this week’s is “theory”. I wrote the story that came to me and it was thirteen sentences long. I prefer the syntax of that version better, but manipulated, twisted and stretched those sentences until they fit the rule of Six sentences exactly while remaining close to the original. I would not want to read this out loud.


Oh, he had a theory or two about that woman moved in next door, but he wouldn’t let that get in the way, that had nothing to do with his growing vexation with her, no— let her wear her hair short, wear men’s clothing, it’s a free country, but some of her freewheeling needed to stop at the fence line, and by gosh, he was going to have a talk with her about her squawking free range chickens, that wandering dog, and while he was at it maybe he’d even demand she do something about the dandelion field that passed for her lawn and he was so deep in thought, practicing his lines in his head as he marched up the path, he almost collided with his new neighbor as she strode down the path swinging a basket.

“Why hello!” she laughed, “I was just bringing you some goodies, but why don’t you come have some iced tea on the porch,” and when she saw him taking in the lawn, now devoid of yellow blossoms, she pulled a bottle out of the basket, explaining, “This is last year’s dandelions, not my best year, but it’s good wine; I’ve just started another batch to celebrate good times ahead and look, here’s some eggs for you, I hope you might use them, even with only three hens, they lay more than I can eat by myself, but all I’ve ever wanted was to keep hens, so here they are, ‘the girls’, finally.”

The dog rose stiffly and padded to her, putting its chin on a knee, which today was just covered by a cotton skirt.

“Good old Gus, just a puppy when my husband passed; he can hardly hear or see now, but he manages, and I don’t think I could have managed my cancer without him… but enough about me! I shared my theory with Gus and the girls that our next door neighbor was shy but would drop by eventually, and here you are!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had dandelion wine,” was all he could manage to say, shy as he was.

38 thoughts on “Theory; SixSentenceStory

  1. A good lesson to be always thinking the best. I’ve had those rambling angers myself, and I find it’s best not to act on them in most cases. Of course I’m still a work in progress… (k)

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  2. What’s the term in rhetoric, I think its some Latinized Greek multi-syllabic form of en garde!, suitable for anchoring a cocktail party argument,
    …oh yeah,
    He didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell

    Fun Six (really enjoyed the rhyme of the first two sentences)


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