d’Verse MTB; Middles & Turns

Yikes! It’s been almost a month since I’ve been to the Poets’ Pub. On January 28, Peter from Australia had us considering beginnings, opening lines, as we versed. To meet the bar today Peter would have us “look to our middles and see if we can build in dramatic turns, open a new window”. Somehow I ended up wrestling with a started poem from January 2019 when Merril asked us “to consider time and space and what if?” for a Tuesday Poetics. I used the Biolet (a shorter version of the Triolet), a poem of 6 lines, typically of eight syllables each, rhyming ABbaBA and so structured that the first line recurs as the sixth and the second as the fifth. However I switched the rhyme pattern of the middle two lines so this Biolet is ABabBA. Why? In hopes to meet the bar a little better by changing the timing of the turn.

You search, track, it always eludes

slight impressions reveal its path

where it crept, grass swept dry of dew

lightly steps time, beyond your grasp

slight impressions reveal its path;

you search, track. It always eludes.

24 thoughts on “d’Verse MTB; Middles & Turns

  1. These fixed forms are wonderful – and invite a turn, a shift, a window opening. Here that wonderful phrase ‘lightly steps time’ – and all that’s gone before shines in a different light – this isn’t about some varmint in the garden, it’s about our lives, our mortality, and elusiveness of meaning. Bravo.

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  2. What a great way to use a turn in this inverted form to show the frustration of seeking the unseekable: jackalope, wild goose, or gold at the end of the rainbow? Whatever we are searching for, the search itself can be enjoyable!

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