Kaleidoscope; SixSentenceStory

All the Colors

Even though I could barely see through the dim blustery swirl channeled by the headlights, I didn’t worry that he kept driving into the snowstorm; he wouldn’t allow himself to become mesmerized by the dizzying white fractals rushing at the windshield. He said he’d get us home; I trusted him.

I had unlatched my seatbelt so I might be more comfortable; because I was plumping my coat around me as best I could, fumbling with the heater yet again even though it was as far up as it could go, I don’t know what happened, what we hit.

There was a crack in the windshield, a sparkling symmetrical web radiating out from where my head struck. I sensed that he was uninjured, but immensely disappointed in himself because of what happened to me; I wanted to tell him it was okay, that I was okay, warm even.

I glanced back, saw all the colors of my life as if through a kaleidoscope but the tunnel was brightening, bursting with pure white light; I turned to it and continued home.

The above is a Six Sentence Story in response to the prompt word “kaleidoscope”. On Wednesday our prompt provider, Denise, at GirlieOntheEdge, will post the link up and we shall all share our stories told in exactly six sentences. You have through Saturday to link your Six.

52 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope; SixSentenceStory

  1. Damn!*

    What more do we all aspire to in our efforts? Engaging scene, identifiable characters/situation and a turn-to-the-unexpected, and, (the true mark of an excellent Six) an ending/resolution that leaves us Readers moved.


    * compliment (and, though Toy Collector appropriated the word seamless I will use it as well, being the best description what, from a technical/rhetoric perspective I enjoyed about this Six.**

    ** except the weird part of my reaction to your Six… which I think I’ll save for a follow-up comment.

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    • Wait? There’s more? And it’s weird? Do tell.
      I could only think of that kind of snow with this prompt, you know, the coming at the windshield kind. I just started in writing and resisted using up the word ‘kaleidoscope’ to describe the snow or the crack in the glass. So I played at describing kaleidoscopage as I described the scene and saved the word for the last.


  2. I rarely drive any longer, eyes aren’t working at night. Ergo, TLW drives, and though I trust her with my life, I still slam on the fake brake when she comes too a stop! HA!!

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  3. Confession time. I read this late last night before going to bed. Very tired. Realized I needed to wait until morning to comment. Why? Because my reaction last evening left me without adequate words. What often happens after reading a piece that’s so well done. From title to last word, excellent Six, Ms. Avery.

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    • Thank you. I appreciate you picking up what I was laying down. As I mentioned to Clark above, I was playing around with the idea of a kaleidoscope, but unfortunately it resulted in a character having to cross over. And maybe this serves as a cautionary tale as we make decisions in wintry weather.


  4. ‘Home’ has many definitions. I was watching a show recently about some folks who came back from that ‘home’… knowing that they weren’t quite ready to stay. But now had a calmer response to what that definition could mean for themselves and others.

    Brilliant writing.

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  6. I thought there was some sort of mistake when the title said: “6-sentence story” but the post included paragraphs each a few lines long. How smart and crafty! Well done. It definitely broadened my horizons a bit knowing that such a thing is possible.

    Beautifully written!

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