CRLC Special Collection Challenge; River of Consciousness

The January 28, 2021, Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge prompt is special. This 99-word story prompt will be posted and presented to Sue Vincent on February 17. If you want to be included in this collection, respond through the form by February 11, 2021. Use the comment section at the Ranch to share, read, and be social. You may leave a link, pingback, or story in the comments. See the Rules & Guidelines.

The prompt is to, “in 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about life as a river of consciousness. Think about the possibilities of the prompt. Go where the prompt leads!After struggling and worrying about my dried up well regarding this river prompt I went where the prompt led me, though that may be a foreign place for many readers.

The Hunter

The pale winter light was already waning when he began following the buck.

Only the frost sparkled moon witnessed his pursuit farther and farther into the snowy woods.

The buck loped across the snow covered river, looked back from the tree line. He followed. Midway he heard water chuckling under soft ice. Breaking through, he chuckled too, suddenly realizing the joke.

Letting go his rifle, he slogged through deep icy slush, pulled himself up to where the deer had disappeared. Soaked and freezing, he nestled into the snow, saw the river of stars overhead.

He chuckled again. Another river.

23 thoughts on “CRLC Special Collection Challenge; River of Consciousness

  1. Beautiful, D. What a timeless story in a way, Man against Nature, and coming to recognize his place in the story. Somehow, I missed this prompt. What a beautiful collection for Sue. Carrot Ranch has been wonderful to recognize this marvelous human being.

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  4. This would have also been perfect for the “frozen” challenge.
    Btw, what does CRLC stand for? Carrot Ranch… Literary challenge?

    Sometimes all we look at is down below, missing everything going on around us. Other times we are just so focused on what we’re chasing that we forget to check our footing.

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