d’Verse MTB; Opening lines…beginnings

At the dVerse pub for poets Peter from Australia is pulling pints and calling the shots. This week he offers beginnings for our consideration. I don’t know if my first line grabs anyone or not but it came to me and I grabbed on to it. This is my first d’Verse response in a couple months, so I am not letting go. This is my poem for Meeting the Bar, and with “way” in the title and 44 words exactly I am giving a nod to Lisa’s Quadrille #120 prompt from Monday.

Way of the Muse

This one is carved lean by hunger

bone sharp wary, lurks at shadowed edge

uncertain crouch unfolding to a pounce

for it’d rather hunt than beg

this night it laps at moon-milk

senses hunger-hardened, whet

ink-blood tracks on snow-white page

Emptied, it’s sated, fed.

45 thoughts on “d’Verse MTB; Opening lines…beginnings

  1. That’s a wonderful gothic verse, kicking off with an intriguing opening – I particularly liked ‘carved’ in that first line – it suggests both the shape of hunger – but also a totem invoking some other-worldly spirit. Terrific piece and punchy beginning. thanks for sharing this.

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  2. Without a title I would have guessed this was a wild predator that’s seen slim pickins for awhile. To see the title, that it’s a muse, makes me feel a little sad. When I think muse I think an angel-like being that is glorious to behold. To know a muse was on hard times would make me hurt on a global level as they are who keep the world going. You do a sharp, lean character study. I like the “whet ink-blood tracks” with the double meaning and glad the critter was fed 🙂 Thanks for the nod on the “way” quadrille prompt.


  3. First off, WELCOME BACK and CONGRATULATIONS on such a fine return. Awesome work. I was glad “Muse” was in the title, to help me get my head right before diving in. A great opening, yes, but I especially love
    “uncertain crouch unfolding to a pounce
    for it’d rather hunt than beg…”
    because that’s how mine usually come to me as well.
    Awesome work, Sister!

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  5. Hmm…. I wonder what Marie-Louise would have to say.
    I always wonder about the way of the muse… I’ve been boo-hoo’ed for saying the muse guides me.
    Like a fox or wolf – And I leave with the question is a writer (or artist) ever fully sated when there is always another blank page (or canvas of whatever material) to fill?

    Some mighty fine deep ‘shift’.

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