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Zippery Slope

“Bill, do you know where our daughter is?”

“Of course, she’s in the backyard working on her mathematics project— she set up a zipline. Oh, relax, Liz, it’s for her Destiny Doll; all morning she’s been sending poor Destiny zipping down from the tree fort and collecting data and then is going to graph the results. What?”

“Bill, Marlie is climbing to the top of the tree with a coil of rope.”

“Oh no— that’s why she asked if it was okay for her to do higher level math!”

I wasn’t thrilled with Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt word, “zip”, but Marlie returned with her Destiny Doll to give me six sentences, so I was able to zip a story out. Then I got to thinking more about the word zip, and have to admit it has enough applications that there’s no excuse to have zip for a Six. The word had its beginnings in the mid 19th century and was “imitative”, which is easier to spell than onomatopoeia. Did you know that zip is code for zone improvement plan? Did you know that, (according to Wikipedia anyway), Whitcomb L. Judson invented the clasp-lock fastener in 1893 and the zipper began being used for clothing in 1925? And if you have ever wondered how Denise does come up with the prompt word, zip over to this interview from 2019 to find out about word selection and more from our venerable host.

38 thoughts on “Zip; SixSentenceStory

  1. Very clever SSS. I can actually imagine one of my granddaughters trying this when she was younger. She had no fear of heights or of math. 🙂

    Enjoyed your bit of history about the word zip.

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  2. Love the adventure and imagination at play, plus the link to the earlier Destiny story – a true action kid and her action doll! Also fun reading the word origins of ZIP, and your interview with Denise back in the good old pre-Covid days. So true – hats off to SSS for its welcoming and cool coffee shop vibe each week 🙂

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  3. Enjoyed the antics of the doll’s zipline. Great imagination for a youngster. Also liked the reference info added. I’ve read where zippers replacing metal buttons in Levi’s weren’t so well received because you need two hands for a zipper only one to ‘button up’. good six.

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