Distance; SixSentenceStory

The Six Sentence Story prompt word from Denise this week is “distance”. The task is to use that word in exactly six sentences (or stanzas, or lines) The link is open through tomorrow (the second day of 2021!) so head over to read more and to leave six sentences of your own.


The townspeople might have found it funny, but did not, that the one man who did not attend church services was the man with the least distance to travel, for Mr. Wolff’s farm was just next door to the church.

When they desired to build a newer larger church, Mr. Wolff gave them a generous amount for the old structure.

The townspeople might have found it funny, but did not, that Mr. Wolff then used the old church to shelter his flock of sheep. 

They were not amused when he used the signboard in front of the old church:

When you find your humor, God will find you.

The townspeople, realizing that it was not easy for him to be good, prayed for Mr. Wolff.

Mr. Wolff whistled a merry tune and went about his work.

34 thoughts on “Distance; SixSentenceStory

  1. It sounds like the townspeople may have read Little Red Riding Hood too many times.
    From all indications he is generous, attentive to his own little flock, being good in his own way, and maybe following the counsel on the sign.
    Nicely written SSS.

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  2. Would appear that these townspeople could stand with some enlightenment (or, if not up to that) a little old-fashioned saving.

    (Mr. Wolff is surely likely to outlast his former neighbors, provided the early-onset COPD, doesn’t cut his enjoyment short.)

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    • Thanks Buddy. I actually wrote this as a summary/interpretation of a chapter of a book I’m reading, (The Mustard Seed; Discourses on the Sayings of Jesus from the Gospel According to Thomas by Osho), but saw that it met this prompt, so… Thomas was the apostle who didn’t get published- his peers didn’t appreciate how he told the story. There was no self publishing options back then so his gospel was hidden away in a cave until fairly recently.
      How about that for too much information?

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