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She sat on the end of the bench, phone in hand, absentmindedly scanning and searching— for what? Looking up she noticed that everyone walking by had their heads bent; texting, reading, nodding and talking out loud as they passed by unseeing.

What did app even stand for, appetite? With the sudden realization that the endless menu bar offered nothing for her hunger she pocketed her phone and stood, scattering birds, birds that, like the older woman feeding them at the other end of the bench, she hadn’t even seen until then.

“That’s okay,” the woman consoled her as she sat down again, “They’ll come right back, just give them some of this.” Taking the proffered birdseed from the older woman, their smiles conveyed far more than any beams between distant satellites and cell towers.

The word from Denise this week, to be used in exactly six sentences, is “menu”. I also give a conciliatory nod to last week’s word, “beam”. Go to GirlieOntheEdge to leave your Six Sentence Story. It’s a lot of fun with no adverse side effects. Except one might lead to another. I just posted a sequel to this Six.

32 thoughts on “Menu; SixSentenceStory

  1. Such is current culture, our age of technology and to think – only in its infancy. Pains me when I’m out walking and see so many people, with “heads bent”, paying homage to what?? The world is literally passing them by. Or rather, they are passing by the world.
    Excellent Six.

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  3. Really NICE! “Those people” and their phones…my pet peeve. If I didn’t shout that I’m walking in their direction (on a narrow sidewalk) they’d bowl me over and keep on going, I swear.

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