Crimson’s Creative Challenge #107

a rare bird has made a landing

clucks and coos for our understanding

the dove of peace has come to town

with a white underbelly, other wise brown

it has traveled long and far, has always been near

this bird needs to be seen, it needs us to hear

to our pidgin ears it speaks of love

this long estranged long lost dove

with its mythic arrival, some visions shatter

but this messenger’s message truly matters

in plain sight, within our reach— we must try to understand

we need to open our hearts, give peace a place to land.

Crispina Kemp’s weekly creative challenge is “open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN.” This poem is what came to me on this Thanksgiving Day when I saw the picture of the brown pigeon. Go to Crispina’s site to see more responses and to leave a link to yours.

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