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It’s Wednesday, or so I’m told, and that means that Denise of GirlieOntheEdge will be sharing the link for the Six Sentence Story blog hop.The word this week is “oasis”, the rules simple: six sentences to tell a tale.

Oasis by D. Avery

She couldn’t be certain when the guide had appeared, for time was an endless succession of broiling yellow sun and shivering silver stars, footprints filling with sand as soon as they were formed.

“The literature, as you should know,” she said again to the guide, “indicates that the oasis I seek should be just over there,” and she pointed to a formidable dune. “It also states that there one can have anything one wants, riches and luxuries beyond the imagination.”

They summited the dune but the oasis evaporated before their eyes, so they continued, on and on, until she beseeched the guide to just get her to some place where she could get a cool drink of water; that oasis also proved to be a mirage.

Finally, when after many more miles she told her guide that she wanted for nothing, that the sun, the stars, and the trackless sand were plenty, they stopped. Without hunger or thirst, she had arrived at the oasis.

28 thoughts on “Oasis; SixSentenceStory

  1. very zen, yo*

    Good Six

    * a compliment particularly in this genre, simplicity and acceptance take a lot of words, at least in the hands of those of us of average skill, you have reflected the quality of the story in the telling of it

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  2. What a lovely concluding paragraph. Being able to accept what we have been given in life sometimes can be difficult lesson, but can be life changing once a person is able to reflect and learn from their experiences. Lovely SSS.

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  3. So I am the only one who took this story at its literal meaning, and I am envisioning the single body of a woman, skin shriveled and dried, bits of hair and clothing blowing in the desert winds, sand sifting between the bones. It’s an even better six when you read it again as metaphorical 🙂 Great job!

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