d’Verse MTB;Jisei (Japanese Death Poems)take 2

Here is a second take on Frank J. Tassone’s Meeting the Bar prompt at the Pub for Poets, d’Verse. We were to try our hands at writing a Jisei, or Japanes Death Poems. In my first take I tried a gembun, and went with the poem that came to me, but do not feel that met the bar for a traditional death poem. Perhaps this one is more in keeping with the genre, though I would like to postpone the trek for a good number of years.

trekking west at last

satchel contents in the wind

autumn flowers nod

22 thoughts on “d’Verse MTB;Jisei (Japanese Death Poems)take 2

  1. I love this imagery, our “satchel” unburdened by their baggage ’cause you can’t take it with you, after all, heading west in as natural a progression as the coming of autumn. Such a beautifully constructed haiku!

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    • Oh, I’m not ready to do a westward walk, but I suppose emptying the satchel is a life’s work. This is a tricky prompt as a Japanese death poem is (ideally?) the last utterance of the poet. A great book is Japanese Death Poems, compiled by Yoel Hoffman.


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