d’Verse MTB;Jisei (Japanese Death Poems)

At the Pub for Poets, d’Verse, Frank J. Tassone is revisiting Jisei, or Japanes Death Poems. How delightful! Just the other day I mentioned a book entitled Japanese Death Poems, compiled by Yoel Hoffman, as an all time favorite book of poetry. Today Frank mentioned a form for the genre I am not familiar with, gembun, which he defined as a one-sentence haibun; a little digging showed me that some restrict it to ten words. I tried it for today’s prompt, and covered bases by having the prose part of my haibun be one American sentence (17 syllables) of ten words. This piece is a might dark for the genre but it’s where the prompt led. Go to d’Verse for more.

Behind the veil, just beyond reach, multitudes of isolated ghosts. 

such a cold embrace;

winter’s unmasking reveals 

spring as long held myth

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