d’Verse Quadrille#116; Poem Those Possibles

Okay, De Jackson (aka whimsygizmo), I’m in, just for fun. Thank you for the fun prompt at d’Verse Pub for Poets. With the only restriction being the 44 word limit, there are infinite possibilities with this prompt. I just did a little word play, not much of a poem, though it’s possible inspiration will strike later.


From a PILE of letters, eight SLIP.

SO BE it, a challenge

I S’POSE, to BuiLd

a port or a portal.

LIBS POSE license

allow BLIPS

so letters I LOP, for

how else

to achieve BLISS?

Asking Y brings solution, possibility—

all is POSSIBLE.

30 thoughts on “d’Verse Quadrille#116; Poem Those Possibles

  1. I bet you had fun writing this – we’re having fun reading it! I made the mistake of googling ‘blopsies’ and the first thing that come up was in the Urban Dictionary – I decided to overlook that and enjoyed the rest of the poem. It reminded me of a puzzle I do in The Times, where you have to make as many words as possible (!) from ten letters, including a ten-letter word.

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    • Oh no… I never thought that blopsies might be a word, I thought I’d just made it up from scrambling possible. Yikes. Thank you for overlooking the urban dictionary definition and I will choose not to look.
      The exercise you describe is similar to one I used to do with my fourth graders based on the research of Templeton, Johnston, Bear & Invernizzi (Words Their Way). It’s good and good for you.

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