d’Verse Meeting the Bar; Synesthesia

I don’t know if this meets the bar for the prompt at the Pub for Poets, but it’s where the prompt led. Today’s publican, Grace, says:  “Today we will write about color from the perspective of a synesthete. Pick one color or several colors. Create your own Dictionary of Color. All sounds have color. The alphabet has color. Days of the week have color. Each day has a color and a certain shape.” Head over to the d’Verse pub to see more responses to tis prompt.

A Counting

A is for apple, red cheeked ripe

ripping smile at my first truck (red), number one, opening day,

the bloom was on the rose; going places, ay?

B is the bounty of blueness, of twoness, of

my blue-eyed brother and his beloved bride

my  backdoor backwoods brave sister by marriage.

C the last prompt at D’verse— see November

the eleventh month, gray and full of color (cold color)

gray November is 11, strong columned

(At its roots November was ninth

Septem, Octo, Novem—

seven, eight, nine; nine, ten, eleven?— fall has fallen out of line.)

Let’s get back to Nine, number with no time.

9 is the black behind a mirror’s glass

A crooked smile, a question mark— with answers, if you ask.

A number both cheery and serious, a colorful character— though

Ten always said Nine was lacking something, some One—

Oh, Ten; smug yet soft, a nectarine, a yellow plum

Over the shoulder afraid to be undone

by Nine, tight-skinned aubergine

-shaded square who speaks in threes

Honestly, frankly; smoothly and slick

under clear glass, rich colors shine

brought to light by the dark magic of Nine

Offers no landmark, no handhold in roiling brine

But surges and surfs, expectantly shines mile marked songs

of the journey, blacked and blued; colored, cresting the climb.

38 thoughts on “d’Verse Meeting the Bar; Synesthesia

  1. I enjoyed the numerology paired up with colors here. The competition between 9 and 10 made me smile. I feel like different numbers do have their own character after studying gematria and esoteric meanings. 9 is said to be the devil’s number! It’s fun stuff here!

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  2. This is exquisitely wrought! 💝 I smiled hugely at “C the last prompt at D’verse— see November— the eleventh month, gray and full of color (cold color)” thank you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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