Another Tender SixSentenceStory

Here is a second take on the prompt, “tender” provided by Denise at GirlieOntheEdge.  The rules are still 6 sentences, no more no less, the suggestion is still to have fun and interact with the other writers and readers.

The Handy Man

As a little boy his best times were those spent as his father’s tender, fetching supplies for him, handing him his tools, learning how a job was done.

“If they don’t find you handsome, they might as well find you handy,” his father would say. If he brought the wrong tool, his father would tousle his hair and exclaim, “At least you’re handsome,” then patiently remind him of the differences among the pliers or any of the many tools in his chest, and to what specific purpose each was applied.

His father could fix anything it seemed, though some jobs tested his limits; when he saw him scratching his head the boy would hand him a hammer, which always brought a smile— “The tool of last resort.”

But then his father would say, “No, Son, this job is worth doing, so it’s worth doing right; we’ll figure it out.”

Now he tended his father through the appointments, unable to smile back when he announced that the handsome doctor was now reaching for the hammer.

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