Boutique; #SixSentenceStory

What-You-Seek Boutique by D. Avery

Her mood overcast and as unsettled as the weather, she ventured in, smiling at the sign in spite of herself, wondering how she’d not noticed the little boutique before with it’s two bay windows either side of the door, each sparkling with kitschy knickknacks and tchotchke.

She drifted among the crowded aisles until stopping short at a shelf where she found, carefully arranged in chronological order, all of her pain; she picked up the most recent, turned it over in her hands and examined it, and as she did, the shelf was rearranged by category, the full collection of all her losses before her, some, despite being older, still more acute than the one she now held. She gathered the losses all up at once and wondered at the weight of them, then carefully put each loss back down on the shelf, now espying other pain; slights, disappointments, and regrets along with deep injustices she’d suffered.

She remained, looked at them all in turn until the shelf transformed again, until amongst those relics she also saw her joys; love and friendship among the losses; growth and wisdom, resolve and resilience among the hurts and injustice.

“Forgiveness; hope; looks like you found what you were seeking.” The wizened shopkeeper winked, and immediately she was back on the sun speckled street where she saw, as if for the first time, the long vacant shop with its splintered shutters like eyelids closed against the dusty windows and between them the faded sign, ‘What-You-Seek Boutique’, over the centered door.

The word prompt for Six Sentence Stories this week is “boutique”. All you have to do is include the word within six sentences that have some semblance of a story, or even a poem. Thank you to Denise at GirlieOntheEdge for hosting.

28 thoughts on “Boutique; #SixSentenceStory

  1. From the unauthorized Old Testament:
    “…God ran, the angel still waving the Zippo-drenched sword at the hapless couple, to the Gate, yelling, “Wait! Here take these are semi-colons… cherish them and use them wisely and your stories will be abundant and rule-abiding.”

    Very excellent Six, yo
    (It presents many of the themes I’m drawn to, executed in a manner I hope to achieve someday)

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    • Yeah, so I have been sporadic, often absent of late. See, I ran out of semi colons and they have been in short supply around here, due in no doubt to the pandemic and other crises. Those in the above Six are aftermarket no-name semi colons, serviceable yet inferior and less durable. Wonder how it’d go if Denise extra challenged us to write a Six with no boundary bending punctuation, no semi colons, dashes or even conjunctions.
      I may play with this story at some future time to see how it fares if I am not counting sentences. It would do well to be subjected to TUFF. (
      Either way, thank you for your kind comments.

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  2. What a wonderful boutique and a beautiful tale, magical and haunting. Love the title, and the new word I learned ‘tchotchke’.
    Glad we met briefly the wizened shopkeeper, and liking the images of the windows as eyes.

    ; and : and … and – and ( ) are sometimes invaluable at the 6SS 🙂

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