Volume; #SixSentenceStory

Volume  by D. Avery

How excited they’d been on their wedding day, naively going through the rituals, blithely echoing and agreeing to conditions far off in the future, so unimaginable then, and now here they were, till death do them part. Elsa could say how many years they’d been married in total, but for better or for worse couldn’t say exactly when the time had become interminable.

How long had his chewing been so audible, she wondered, and had his breathing always been so loud? From her corner chair she could hear every whistle, wheeze and expectorant of various states of matter that had cause to enter or exit his aging body, yet when he directed speech her way he seemed only barely able to muster an incoherent mumble.

Removing one blaring ear bud he finally looked up from his phone, and repeated for her, louder and slower, “I said, we have so many memories to celebrate on our anniversary.”

“Yes, volumes,” she replied, but he didn’t hear her.

###  ###  ###

six sentence story copy

The word from Denise at GirlieOntheEdge is “volume”, the rules are to use that word in a six sentence story. The  link is HERE

38 thoughts on “Volume; #SixSentenceStory

  1. eww*
    Good Six… ’cause not only was it engaging, it stimulated this Reader to respond on an emotional level. (Which, given the Reader referenced, is saying something.)

    *in parasympathic identification with the feeling of a dream dying slowly and uncomfortably

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  2. Funny how youth’s vision is of the here and now. I suppose given crystal balls some of us might have made other decisions. And yet, there’s always the possibility we may miss out on something all together special. At least for awhile, lol.

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  3. Sadly, this story is true for so many couples after years of marriage, it is no longer a treasured relationship, but rather an accepted obligation. A reminder to us all to nourish what we love, so that it grows and thrives. Good story!

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  4. This has just described the last 10 years of my parent’s marriage … sadly. It was hard to hear them complaining about each other. And they BOTH did! 🤪


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