Moon Dreams; #d’Verse, Prosery Monday

From the Deep  by D. Avery

They were here before the beginning. They were the giants that walked the world before the world was. They were the world.

But the world as it came to be known had to be created to be known.

The gods did that. They did that in the way that gods do; bored and lonely, they started thinking up things.

Where did these gods come from?

Maybe the giants had been bored too. Maybe they weren’t careful and thought of gods, letting them escape from themselves like farts.

But the gods were afraid and jealous of the giants so they slew them and used their parts to give form to their thoughts, thus creating the world.

The giants just want to be remembered, but the gods remain hostile. The patient giants live deep under the primeval seas. In their dreams they sleep with the moon.

dverselogoMerril from d’Verse Pub for Poets would have us write 144 words or less of prose but include a line from Mary Oliver’s “Death at Wind River”, “In their dreams they sleep with the moon.” Perhaps you can tell that I have been reading Marie-Louise Von Franz’s book, Creation Myths. This is not any particular creation story but includes motifs common to many.

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