Twist Again; #SixSentenceStory

Same Old Story, by D. Avery

She had always known too much about plants and their healing properties; animals, wild as well as domestic, responded too well to her; people invariably were wary of her, and she of them, throughout her lives. It seemed like in every incarnation she was accused of being a witch, the accusation serving as trial, verdict, sentence— a death knell. Being a healer was cause enough for alarm, and as soon as an accusation was voiced even those who had come to her in desperation seeking her skills and knowledge were unwilling to speak in her defense. At the end of many lives she had felt the weight of millstones, the searing heat of coal and flame, the twist of rope, the sudden jerk of her own weight at the end of a brief fall.

This time her crime was her words, but not any incantation, no spells or recipes of alchemy, just her truth put forth in print, naked and plain for all to behold. Again she felt the relentless weight and heat of ignorance and hate trolling her, picking at her, giving her no rest, but once again she would not confess, would not validate their lies, would not recant or apologize; she would not give up the hope she yet held for humanity.

six sentence story copy

This is a second take on the prompt word “twist”, provided by Denise at GirlieOntheEdge. The premise is that you write six sentences exactly using that prompt. Leave a link and read the Six Sentence Stories of others. Fun comes packed in sixes!

15 thoughts on “Twist Again; #SixSentenceStory

  1. Love the “twist” you have to this Six. And! I’m hoping this may be the beginning, middle or some part of a larger story??
    Ignorance reigns supreme regardless of time period. I always found it interesting that it was predominantly women accused of consorting with the devil, strangled, burned at the stake, etc. for being forward thinkers, talented alchemists and such.

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  2. I like this lightworker. She knows she’s still up against it even after so much time has passed, but it won’t stop her from believing in her gifts and what she can offer to the greater good.
    Excellent replacing of the once used *pitchforks and the cry of “confess!”* for our modern day trolling!

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      • I enjoyed it v much. There was a whole bunch of us some years back dabbling in crystals, cards, and various healing ways – it was like an informal club, and absolutely fascinating, and on the whole most people were curious and accepting of what we were doing, with a few exceptions of those who laughed at us or who thought we were nuts. But when you think of the type of abuse people who enjoyed alternative and spiritual ways had to endure back in much older days… we’ve come a long way.

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