Twist; #SixSentenceStory

Twist             by D. Avery

He felt the press of their growing impatience like another layer of humidity, felt the whole long line involuntarily closing in, incrementally shortening the open links of six foot separations. If the family group behind him wasn’t so large he might have let them ahead, for he was also aware that they had, from the myriad choices, each already made up their minds; he’d heard their debates, their reasoning and their decisions, most resorting to personal favorites, but some members of this family daring a trial of the unknown, risking a new experience. A traditionalist, for him there were only two choices, the same two that had been there since the beginning, the choice a matter of black and white, as it were.

The disdain in the eyes above the mask showed there would be no more help or suggestions from the youth behind the counter, nor should there be; this was his choice and his alone to make. One would be selected, one would be forsaken; he felt on the horns of a dilemma, but suddenly the solution presented itself.

His own mask didn’t hide his smile as he finally walked away from the counter with his creemee, vanilla and chocolate twist.



six sentence story copyThe prompt word is “twist”. The prompter is Denise at GirlieOntheEdge. The premise is that you write six sentences exactly using that prompt. Leave a link and read the Six Sentence Stories of others. It promises to be fun.

19 thoughts on “Twist; #SixSentenceStory

  1. Fun Six 😀 Ah, the decisions one has to make sometimes. Totally get the “traditionalist”. Ice cream or other culinary items, it’s difficult sometimes to take that leap to “trying something new”. Safety in the knowable, eh, lol
    Now you have me remembering getting vanilla soft serve cones dipped into chocolate that formed a shell over the ice cream 😀

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    • That shell is not a twist. Saying.
      I haven’t been to the creemee stands for a while, because I, like the mc here, can’t deal with the 48 flavors that showed up since the original two. This summer it was bittersweet to see the lumpy lines at the stands that were able to stay open.


  2. More tales from behind the mask! Our lives are quite extraordinary these days aren’t they. Love how our masks can hide a multitude of expressions though often the eyes don’t lie. And your ending is briliiant – how even the ordering of something simple and quite mundane is a chore now in these times. A sharp 6!

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