Ploughshares; #SixSentenceStory

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The word from Denise at GirlieOntheEdge this week is “station”. The rules? Write a six sentence story with that word. The story? A slice of Ilene Higginbottom’s work life as a school administrative assistant. You may know Ilene as the friend of Marge and Ernest

Ploughshares,   D. Avery

This morning, when Mrs. Richards finally heaved herself away from the counter that stood between Ilene’s office space and the bustling hallway, sighing her usual ‘Time to man the battle stations’, Ilene called her back; she called her back and called her out.

“As a writing teacher, Mrs. Richards, you’ll understand me when I say you need to rethink your metaphors; just who is it that you are battling? These kids coming in the door are not our enemies, yet every day I deal with the casualties from your classroom. I suggest to you, if you are feeling so beleaguered and besieged, perhaps it’s time you retreat— surrender even.”

Mrs. Richards stormed off so didn’t see that Mr. Penny had overheard the exchange, didn’t hear Mr. Penny’s comment to his aide-de-camp that she might have just started a war. Though he hadn’t spoken of his discomfort in being the principal and having to pick a side, Ilene reminded him he was on the side of the children.

20 thoughts on “Ploughshares; #SixSentenceStory

  1. Not everyone is cut out for the life of educator/teacher. We need more Ilene’s if just to remind teachers of their purpose and goal as a teacher and try and help them find reward, if not joy, in teaching. Having no experience in teaching, I can only imagine the pressure of current day challenges facing teachers.

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  2. Quite a few tactical exchanges going on here, and the military terminology is spot on. Ilene probably feels somewhat beleagured too, as she states: “…yet every day I deal with the casualties from your classroom.” A good confrontational six, and nice use of the cue word. ‘Manning the battle stations’ is a term I’ve heard a few times in work situations.

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  3. I count myself among the rank and file in my feelings about your Six.
    Very good Six.
    No small task, if I may, to employ the language/jargon of your metaphor (or would that more properly be theme?) and in such a way as to reinforce the attitudes and views of the respective characters.

    *liked the ‘aide-de-camp’ reference

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