Deferred; CCC#92


Another boat prompt! The following is written all in fun for Crispina’s Creative Challenge


To sail the world his life long dream

and more before he completely fulfilled it

for to him it seemed if he’d sail it he should also build it.

So before hoisting of sails came hammer and nails

pounding these before seeing pounding seas

his dreams would not be derailed.

But the longer it took, responsibilities forsook

his wife despaired and grew ever more stern;

he’d just bow and tell her how

floating his dream was his greatest concern.

Finally came a day when she sailed away

deserted him, left him alone high and dry;

he started in to work on the boat again

and then stopped to wonder why.

He’d been dreaming of great escape

had dreamed of sailing away

but his dream seemed wrong

and with his wife now gone

he was now wanting to stay.

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