Uber Possibilities; #SixSentenceStory

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It’s time again to write a story in six sentences exactly. Link your story through Denise’s GirlieOntheEdge blog, then read, write, repeat. The word of the week is random. (I wonder if Denise chose that word purposely and methodically or….) Oh, despite the rules I am entering with a 12-pack, two sixes.



Uber Possibilities  by D. Avery

Though he could pick his wife’s laugh out from among the others, growing louder now with drink, from his vantage point across the room he noted how alike they all were, himself included; all tan and personal trainer-fit, their cocktail party clothes their uniforms, all of high rank.

Alike in background and ambition he wondered at how they’d paired off in college, speculated that it wouldn’t have made any difference at all if they’d all just been randomly matched. They each would still have ended up with what they thought they wanted, with what they now had; good looking, fit, socially acceptable spouses living in lavish showcase homes, their handsome children choosing the finest colleges to attend.

Not one of his dalliances with his friends’ wives had turned out to be an exciting distraction after all. The affairs that both he and his wife had they’d easily overlooked, understood as much as forgiven, for each could be seen as an honest mistake, an understandable case of mistaken identity.

He watched his wife accept another drink from Biff, laughing and leaning in, and wished he was stirred to jealousy. The caterer, clearing stray glasses and plates, her night almost over, interrupted his thoughts.

“Shouldn’t you be over there with the others?”

“Oh, no, I’m not with them,” he quipped, marveling at the unpainted lips of her bemused smile, the crow’s feet at her green eyes, the wisp of gray at her auburn temples. “I’m just the uber driver, here to give you a ride home.”

“I’ll tell you what, uber-man,” she said laughing, “let’s skip the ride home and even what it is you think might could happen there, and go right to breakfast; meet me at the Eggstraordinary Diner at eight tomorrow morning, and you can tell me all about ubering— or any random topic.”

And he knew he would join this woman for breakfast, would enjoy conversation with her as his wife slept late in their shade-darkened master suite, knew that, finally, things might never be the same.

33 thoughts on “Uber Possibilities; #SixSentenceStory

  1. That second one is quite strong.The first one paints a dim picture of destiny, at least in my mind. Both inspired multiple reads, and I might just come back later today and enjoy them again.

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  2. I like the description of those random affairs as “mistaken identity”. That’s what random pairings would suggest. I also liked how the randomness breaks down in the second story where things might never be the same.

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  3. Great title for your SSS, considering the subject matter. I like how you blended these two stories into one so smoothly, I hadn’t even noticed there were two until I read one of the comments. HaHa. Yes, I can count, but I was too caught up in the story to do that. HaHa

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    • Well, Pat, this has been revised some since I first posted it. It began as two distinct sixes, and I blended them when it seemed people didn’t realize I meant them as one continued tale. Even now I am thinking this is another seed story, a sketch, and should be reworked and expanded some to tell the story better. That you got caught up in the story is encouraging. Thank you!


  4. Love how you used uber in the title and also as a profession. When life becomes so formula you need a seemingly random spark to ignite new fires. Your characters inhabit a quite wealthy landscape, and I think the same awareness of the boredom of a uniform life would apply at the oppsite end of the spectrum too – if you’re awake enough to see that your world is the same thing every day.
    Loved this six (12). Actually, when you mentioned a ’12 pack’ my Friday mind went straight to beer… sorry, then not helped by your first sentence mentioning ‘drink’. Cheers 🙂
    Love the sound of the “Eggstraordinary Diner” !! When I lived in England we had a diner called “Mister Egg”.

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  5. Fortunately for all of us (Readers) your protagonist is possessed of a quality of character that permits him to discern an opportunity to improve his life.*
    I’m with Toy Ad Man on the name of the diner. Tell us there is, in your ‘real’ world a such-named establishment!

    *an unreliable protagonist? Is that a thing?**
    ** I’m taken with the rhetorical device of ‘the unreliable narrator’… thats why I’m asking.

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  6. I thought I’d heard of Eggstraordinary so of course, I had to look it up. I found one but it is called cafe not diner. It’s in Florida.
    Anyways your story drew me in and I didn’t even notice that there were 12 sentences in your story as I was too intrigued to notice. Great piece of writing!

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