21 thoughts on “Live! “A Trip to Town”

    • Thanks, Ann, I’m glad you did, but here’s a fun fact: I wasn’t able to breathe through that reading, was that nerved up. Hope the words on the page do better on their own. Either way, it’s a good feeling to have a story accepted and published.


  1. Congratulations. Eloquent and poignant. This resonated with me as someone who grew up in Florida, left and never looked back. Some of us in still-semi-rural areas still fight a bitter holding action, unwilling to accept the false dichotomy of jobs vs. the environment.

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  2. Congrats, Avery, on being published. This story resonates with me. I have seen the Flame of the Forest and other trees destroyed in my hometown to make way for new buildings and malls. As a result of all these tree-cutting, we suffered from poor rainfall for a couple of years. Your last sentence about Molly’s skull and her perceived final emotions were deeply moving.

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    • Thank you for the congrats, and it is always gratifying to know that my writing resonates with someone, though in this case I guess that’s kind of a grim thing. A good thing is I have lately been traveling some roads that narrow for no other reason than that the trees that are parallel to them are getting bigger but these trees are left unmolested, we in our trucks just have to slow down and look out for oncoming traffic.
      Thank you for your comments.


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