Therapy #SixSentenceStory

Therapy Session, D. Avery

Since that first day that Ilene Higginbottom had recruited Ernest Biggs to pick him up and drive him to school, Vinny regularly met Ernest out at the weed rivered sidewalk, but earlier in the morning, so they could relax over breakfast at the diner and still be on time, their morning ending with Vinny hopping like a gangly fledgling out of Ernest’s pickup in the line of SUV’s and minivans at the school entrance.

On this day, as sometimes happened, it was Marge’s pickup that turned up his street, her ever-present fishing rods in the gun-rack in the back window; Vinny leaned against the passenger side door watching her, waiting for her to put it in gear and go but she sat unmoving with her hands on the wheel, looking out at the overcast sky.

“These clouds like this, Vinny, they’re going to be here most of the morning, but there’s no rain going to come from them; it’s a beautiful morning, a most beautiful morning.”

Vinny, having never heard Marge go on so much about anything before, just nodded as if he got her point, and continued to watch her from his side of the truck while she worked her phone.

“Ilene, Vinny won’t be in today, I’m taking him to his therapy session, so you should probably mark it as excused medical, that shouldn’t affect his attendance record.”

The second phone call was to Ernest telling him to take care of her most pressing projects in their auto shop, that she would be spending the day with Vinny, fishing.


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The word from Denise at GirlieOntheEdge this week is “therapy“. I was delighted to have Marge Small return after a long absence and insist on fishing. Vinny is the young man that Ilene Higginbottom and her friends look out for. Here’s the linky up to share your own Six Sentence Story and read others.

27 thoughts on “Therapy #SixSentenceStory

  1. Good play on words with the lured line.
    I never was much for fishing as I talked too much and the other fishermen were less than thrilled.
    Great job as per usual

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  2. Thank God for people like Marge. Vinnie is a lucky guy. Wonderful story, D. I decided at some point, that even though I had never fished, my children might like fishing. I bought them children rods and stopped off for a box of worms. But when I tried to put the worms on the hooks for my kids, the worms looked me right in the eyes pleading for mercy and I couldn’t go through with it. I spilt them on to the grass so they could do their thing and I took my children for ice cream.

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