Making Room #d’Verse;TuesdayPoetics

dverselogoIt’s Tuesday Poetics over at the D’Verse Pub for poets, and Laura Bloomsbury says, “For today’s poetry  prompt I’m asking us to conjure a room or rooms in the literal, functional, metaphorical, imaginary, and/or fantastical sense.”

That is a most intriguing prompt but as I have little room in my schedule right now, I am going to recycle a poem that I shared at not a pub, but a saloon. The following first aired at the Saddle Up Saloon’s recent open mic. 


Opening, D. Avery 

You’re the door
that opened me
the room revealed
by the open door
the room revealed in me

You’re the lamp that shines
the beam of light
illuminating treasures
that were locked within this room

You’re the room within the room
So am I
I am so many rooms
because my door is open.
Because you said, Step in.

26 thoughts on “Making Room #d’Verse;TuesdayPoetics

  1. Warp and weave, mirrors reflecting other mirrors reflecting other mirrors ad infinitum. A digital universe within your thumb nail; I can dig it.

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  2. There is a space within us, whether quiet or in turmoil, that sometimes longs for company, perhaps without our even knowing it. Seeing that in someone and being willing to be the one to share can tell us more about ourselves, as well as about that other.

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