Making More Room #d’Verse;TuesdayPoetics


Is a room a room if it has no door?

Do many windows make it less, or more?

We’ve rooms for cooking, dining, sleeping—

unkempt or well kept, rooms are meant for keeping

something in or something out—

What is your room all about?

Lift those windows, throw the doors wide

better yet, just get outside.

Venture beyond walls, an open expansion

get out, go on, explore your many mansions.


It’s still Tuesday Poetics over at the D’Verse Pub for poets, and Laura Bloomsbury still says, “For today’s poetry  prompt I’m asking us to conjure a room or rooms in the literal, functional, metaphorical, imaginary, and/or fantastical sense.”

This is my second take on the prompt, as I was really taken by the prompt. P.S., I am writing in my favorite room, the one the birds and other little critters so generously share with me.

20 thoughts on “Making More Room #d’Verse;TuesdayPoetics

  1. True — our houses grow larger and larger with a plethora of rooms! Perhaps we have too many choices, and when we might have been living, we’ve busy making choices!

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  2. Very well done and thought provoking. Not often do I think about what makes a room or way doesn’t. It does seem an important question though in these times our rooms matter more than ever.

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  3. ah you made it! we are struggling to get outside at the moment so rooms are especially pertinent – I really liked the opening questions of your poem and this conundrum line
    “Do many windows make it less, or more?”

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    • I cannot imagine how difficult staying at home must be if home is an apartment in a city. I am fortunate to have had plenty of outside easily accessible to me throughout.
      Thank you for your comments. Could probably go off in another direction with windows as walls, barriers with two sides, viewed and viewing. Hmmm…

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