All About You!

This post is in response to an invitation by Kid and Pal over at the Saddle Up Saloon. This week they are trying to define what they are all about over there. They have invited other bloggers to also think about what their own blog is all about. Do you have an updated “About Me” page? Do you have a mission or vision statement?

As an exercise I answered their call and wrote about my blog in 99 words, then focused it more in 59 words, and finally distilled a 9-word tagline from those efforts. This was a bit of a challenge and was worthwhile as a means of reflection. 

Try it for yourself. You will benefit from the reflection and may end up revising or refining your blog’s info page. And if you leave your linked 9-word calling card in the comments at Carrot Ranch’s Saddle Up Saloon, you may make some new friends.

Anyway, here is my Blog Bluster:

ShiftnShake is where I put my literary art. It is both a display shelf and a workbench, a place where my work with words can be seen, in the state that it’s in. Shiftnshake is my shop. Here I play with words and give shape to stories and poems. I keep my shop uncluttered and comfortable, but leave my pieces of work out to be found by readers who might shape them further through their reading. I welcome you to look around, to converse. Come in, and if there is something that catches your reader’s ear, let me know. (99)

ShiftnShake is both display shelf and workbench for my literary art. It’s where I play with words and put the results out for view. Look around; there might be something on the bench that moves you to laughter or to tears. Pick my word sculptures up; shape them more through your reading and commenting. Sample the stories brewing here. (59)

ShiftnShake— my display shelf and workbench for literary art. (9)

Saddle Up Saloon


5 thoughts on “All About You!

  1. It was a good exercise. Glad I went along with Kid and Pal’s prompt. I don’t think much has changed here at shiftnshake since I started three years ago as far as its purpose. I have a little more confidence and know how. You have been visiting and commenting since the beginning! Thanks Buddy.


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