It’s A ThreeFer; #WWP, #CRLC, #SSS

It has been a very busy week and I truly thought I might not manage to respond to my usual weekly prompts. The usual excuses– busy with work, generally distracted, wrestling with all the emotions one encounters whilst conducting one’s self  through a pandemic; finding writing to be a frivolous pastime one moment, a necessity the next, or at least, another distraction. It took three prompts to push my pen this week. Denise at GirlieOntheEdge put “gulf” out there last Wednesday for a Six Sentence Story; Charli at Carrot Ranch, on May 7,  prompted us to: “In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story to nourish. The characters can nourish or be nourished. What else can be nourished? A tree? A setting? Does the sunset nourish the soul? Go where the prompt leads!”  And yesterday Sammi Cox prompted us to write about “home” in 114 words for her Weekend Writing Prompt, #156. 

Marlie’s story continues. You might have seen the most recent episode HERE. The first two flashes presented are teased out of a longer combined story to make the word counts while focusing on the respective prompts. The Six Sentence Story at the end continues and concludes the scene(s) with Tommy. 


wk-156-home.jpg            “Tommy, don’t climb the fence! You still have to stay at your house.”

“Says you. My daddy and me been all over the place.”

“You wore masks?”

“Daddy says only muzzims and wimps wear masks. We went shopping for our big party this afternoon. Come over, Marlie.”


“Why not? Your mommy?

Marlie fell silent at the sting of Tommy’s tone.

“Come on, Marlie. I’ve missed playing with you.”

“I’ve missed playing with you Tommy. But I’ll stay at home. Because of science, not my mommy.

“My daddy says scientists don’t know nothing.”

“Goodbye Tommy.”

Marlie stumbled past the dirt pile, the tree fort, went inside to use a tissue and wash her hands.

### ###

square-template40.png“Tommy, don’t climb the fence! You still have to stay at your house.”

“Nu-uh. My daddy and me been shopping for our party this afternoon.”

“I had a party with my mom and dad too.”

“No, we’re having a real party, with daddy’s friends. There’ll be tons of good food— kool-aid, cheese puffs.”

“Yuck! That’s not good food! It’s not nourishing.”

“Who says, your mommy?


“Scientists don’t know nothing. You coming over? I’ve missed playing with you.”

“Goodbye Tommy.”

Marlie stumbled past the dirt pile, the tree fort, went inside to use a tissue and wash her hands.

### ###

six sentence story copy            Liz suspected it had to do with the widening gulf between their family and Tommy’s, but so far hadn’t guessed correctly at the exact cause of Marlie’s grief. Through Marlie’s hiccupping sobs she was able to determine that she had seen Tommy at the fence. She missed being able to come and go, and play with Tommy at the dirt pile and the tree fort, but it wasn’t that; and it wasn’t because Marlie knew she wasn’t able to go to the large gathering Tommy’s family was having; Tommy had said mean words, and Marlie didn’t think she could ever be Tommy’s friend again, but it wasn’t that either.

“Then what is it, Marlie, why are you so upset?” Liz asked, brushing tear dampened bangs away from the girl’s face.

“I’m worried about Tommy, and even all his daddy’s friends; don’t they know they could die?”

Liz quickly tucked her daughter’s sobbing face under her chin to hide from Marlie her own tears, held her tight while she waited to catch her own breath enough to tell Marlie that it would be okay, that everything would be all right.

### ###

26 thoughts on “It’s A ThreeFer; #WWP, #CRLC, #SSS

  1. Your Six speaks directly to an aspect of this ordeal that can’t go unnoticed.
    It breaks my heart knowing this “s*#% is affecting young children and older kids in ways that can only have long lasting negative effects. Very messed up.
    Well, done.

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    • Kids are amazing and resilient. I felt for the mother here who knows she’s lying, or about to, but that is what we do to keep the kids resilient. (Within reason. Marlie’s parents are also very honest with her.) Some of my recurring characters seem to be on hold during the pandemic, and I am not sure how to handle the Before, During, or After question; we have avoided each other. But Marlie burst through last week, and today insisted on this, so here they are, she and her family, in the thick of our reality.

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      • They are. Difficult for all, agreed. Interesting question about your recurring characters. Self-quarantining are they? 😀 I’ve no doubt they will speak to you when they’re ready.
        Leave it to a kid to burst into the room and then wonder why everyone is looking at them, lol

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  2. Good sane leadership would make a huge difference. And a plan that would give people something to hang on to. Have we really become a people who don’t care about each other, who would willingly cause death to prove a point? (K)

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  3. It is a scary world right now for sure. I think what scares me most is the opinions, actions, and attitudes of people and the way those are making the divide – the gulf, if you will – that already exists in the world so much more pronounced. So many ways we are divided. And this is not the time for that. it makes me ashamed of the human race some days. But I keep looking for those who are working to lead and show compassion.

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  4. keeping with the group*

    My first thought was, “This Six is like music.”

    My second thought was, “What?!?!”

    My third** thought was, “You don’t got the language to pull off a Comment justifying the critique-ette that, taken as a whole, the three stories were one story that was more than the sum of the parts.”

    My fourth thought was, “Oh yeah?! Watch me!”

    You know how, in modern entertainment*** there’s a thing where one story is replayed over and over again, variations being revealed on each iteration? Often a time-travel story, but not limited to that genre.
    Like that.

    Anyway, It was interesting to read your Six (and the other two) as a kind of looped linear story.

    oh, yeah, Good Six!

    * yeah, I know! as if lol
    ** well, maybe my second-and-a-third
    *** TV series, moves even books… stories
    **** what was that famous gotta-read-for-high-school-english, Pearl Buck or some Spanish guy… whatever lol

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    • Um.. thanks.
      This is in fact a presentation of parts and not a whole. It is a looped linear as seen here. Scenes and threads, man. Forgive me. This is a sandbox, a playground, a workshop. Thank you for coming by and playing along!


  5. Marlie is sticking to her values as Tommy succumbs to his family culture. The gap could be wider — those who want to retaliate and those who want to protect; those persuaded by science as it unfolds and those swayed by media that sounds righteous. Marlie is in the thick of it, perhaps found her home. It’s lonely, sometimes, doing right. I liked how you shifted POV with the last of the trio.

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    • Ha! I like how you sound like a real writer MFA student. Me? Just responding to prompts like a non swimmer clinging to a log. (But between you and me, there’s a more cohesive whole that includes all three of these and after your comment I may revisit it to make sure it is cohesive and consistent)
      Thanks, Boss.


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  7. My Facebook feed used to be heavy with Liberals scoffing preparations against an incoming, non-existent fear. Now, it’s heavy with Conservatives’ Corona Disdain. I wish they’d find a happy medium and leave ignorance and name-calling out of it!

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  8. I’ve also been thinking about the potential harm to children through their parents’ recklessness right now, so enjoyed your take on this. I like the third one best – more words lets you go deeper.

    And I’m also with you on the overwhelm. But you focused brilliantly here. Take care.

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    • Thank you, I appreciate your comments. These three pieces are kind of sketches for the Marlie story, but yeah, the first two too sketchy as stand alones. That’s okay, they served their purpose. Tommy’s father has been an ongoing problem for Tommy’s development. He might be what you people (writers) call an antagonist.

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