Silly’Uns #d’Verse Quadrille Monday


The D’Verse publican known as Lillian

Pulls prompts, her favorite— quadrillian!

No whines wanted here

Just full glasses of cheer

Forty-four word poems— and silly ones!


(Shouldn’t have chosen limericks

As the first is already twenty-six

words; I need more

to make forty-four—



It is Quadrille Monday at the D’Verse Pub for poets, and once again Lillian hosts, and beseeches us to ‘lighten up a bit’, and how better than with quadrille, that fun form of 44 words. “The word for today’s Quadrille is “silly”… can use any form of the word. You can use it as an adjective, a noun, a verb….anyway you’d like. Have some fun with the word! I’m hoping we can all smile today, at least while we think about what to do with this word. And you know, the wonderful thing about a virtual pub for poets? Hugs are encouraged here….as are happy drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) with little umbrellas in them! Our bar stools are close together so step right up…..let’s be a bit silly together!”  Go by the Pub to leave your 44 word poem or to read others’. If  you’re barhopping, you might stop by another virtual watering hole, the Saddle Up Saloon (It’s not quite karaoke night there, all week long). The Saloon is an establishment that shares Lillian’s well articulated sentiment and intent to lighten up and be silly. Thank you Lillian, for serving such a fine fun prompt at D’Verse.

22 thoughts on “Silly’Uns #d’Verse Quadrille Monday

  1. LOVE it! Have only been the subject of a limerick one other time…..many many many years ago. LOVE your rhyming and spirit here 🙂
    You definitely made me smile and got a chuckle out of my husband when I had him read it. Oh yes…the sun is shining on silliness today 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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