Longings CRLC Challenge

square-template37A second post for the current Carrot Ranch 99 word challenge, which is to “write a story that features long boards. They can be used in any way you imagine, including a name for sporting equipment. How are they used and who is using them? Go where the prompt leads!”

I was led to write more of Marlie and her family’s story in three 99 word segments. These episodes resolve the situation created here when Marlie’s Destiny Doll foresaw a pregnancy. That story was continued here when Marlie saw herself getting a dog. The family’s present circumstances make this a good time to get a dog.



“Is there room on your longboard for me?”

“Sure Mommy.”

Mother and daughter paddled idly in the backyard while Marlie’s dad augered postholes. “So tell me about the fence.”

“It’s split rail ‘cause that’s the easiest, but then we have to put wire mesh on it so Daisy doesn’t get out. She’ll have to stay at home too. These planks will be for a vegetable garden. I’m going to grow carrots for me and Daisy.”

“Are you bored, Marlie?”

“I miss my friends… See those two posts by Tommy’s trail? Daddy’s making a gate there for Tommy. For after.”


Liz hopped off the longboard and splashed through the grass to stand with her husband when he finally lay the auger down.

“Who would have ever augured all this, Bill?”

“What? That I’m putting up a fence before Tommy’s grumpy father?”

Grumpy? Pfft. No. You know. I used to get a little jealous of you and Marlie working from home all day. Guess what?”

“I know; you are desperate to get away from us and our messy projects.” He smeared her cheeks with his dirty thumbs before kissing her.

“Only for eight hours. I’m not such a horrid mother.”


“Liz, you are a wonderful mother. Exhibit A,” and he spun her so she could see Marlie, the longboard now a balance beam. She surprised him by turning back and sobbing into his chest.

“It was easier when I could go to work, Bill, but now I think about the miscarriage every day.”

“Daddy, why are you and Mommy crying?”

“Because Marlie, a while ago we thought we were going to have a baby. But we’re not.”

“I thought that too, that we’d have a baby.” Marlie looked at them shrewdly. “But we are still getting a dog, right?”

15 thoughts on “Longings CRLC Challenge

  1. I read somewhere that a particular shelter that normally always had 50 or so adoptable was empty!
    I’m just hoping that the critters still get some love after the lock downs are lifted…

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