At Right Angles #SixSentenceStories

“Tommy, lay your G.I. Joe flat on the counter like this- that’s a straight angle; now sitting up straight like this- 90 degrees or a right angle; bent forward- acute; and leaned back- that’s an obtuse angle.”

“Like my daddy in his recliner chair- he’s obtuse! What’s so funny, Liz?”

“Marlie, I bet Tommy would rather play outside, maybe that’s enough math for today.”

“Yeah, Marlie, let’s go back to the dirt pile, besides my daddy says girls aren’t that good at math.”

“Go, before I get an acute headache.”


six sentence story copy

Here once again are Marlie and her Destiny Doll, recurring characters in Six Sentence Stories and 99 word flashes for Carrot Ranch. This week Denise gives us the word “angle” to use as we wish as long as it’s presented in six sentences exactly. Go to GirlieOnTheEdge for the link up. 

23 thoughts on “At Right Angles #SixSentenceStories

  1. Marlie is quite precocious, yes?! Cute story but I sit embarrassed to say I had forgotten about acute and obtuse angles, lol. Math was never my favorite subject (except in 9th and 10th grade!) and geometry was worst of all!
    “Study math as a language”. I’d never heard that before. Very interesting.

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  2. I thought about applying a little math to my Six, but then I remembered that wasn’t my best subject. You did it justice in your SSS and added some humor too.

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  3. Math as a language is an interesting, um, ANGLE! Nicely done. And I agree with you on that.
    Marlie is delightful and I love how she takes the real world and uses it to illustrate the math concepts. Well done.

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