Karaoke At the Saddle Up Saloon

Karaoke Coming Soon! Come Crow and Croon at the Saddle Up Saloon

“Clever, Kid, but how we gonna manage thet? We ain’t set up fer sound.”

“I hear ya Pal, but it ain’t quite like that. Won’t be no actu’l singin’.”

“Then it ain’t actu’l karaoke, but okie-dokie, what’cha got in mind?”

“Figger on havin’ folks rewrite song lyrics ta a familiar tune. Ya know, like Weird Al.”

“Thet could work. Ya got a theme?”

“Nope. Jist keep it fam’ly frien’ly. Any tune, jist give credit an’ apologies ta the original a course. Then put yer lyrics and/or link right in the comment section fer the May 4th Saddle Up Saloon post. Or, if’n ya send somethin’ ta me c/o averydede.1@gmail.com afore April 30th, mebbe that’ll be right in the post!”

“So yer sayin’ ta pick a song, then put yer own lyrics ta it an’ come by the Saloon on May 4th ta inneract with the crowd?”

“Yep. Or send it ta me at averydede.1@gmail.com earlier ta mebbe be featured right up on stage.”

“Think folks’ll be put off thet we’re fictional characters?”

“Naw! Fact, they kin have their own characters do this karaoke thing for ‘em if’n they want, put their own spin on it.”

“What if folks don’t know ‘bout the Saddle Up Saloon?”

“Well they should jist come by an’ check it out! ‘Member, it’s a place fer folks ta drop by, relax an’ have fun at a saloon run by us, Kid and Pal, fictional ranch hands at Carrot Ranch. We’re open 24/7 with somethin’ new posted ev’ry Monday.”

“Thet’s right, Kid. This comin’ Monday, April 27, we got a historian comin’ by. It’s gonna be a might highbrow fer us, edge-u-cational as well as ennertainin’. Then, week after thet, we’re hopin’ ta have folks take part in this first ever Saddle Up karaoke event.”

“Jist fer fun. See ya soon ‘roun the Saddle Up Saloon.”


April 27: Hysterical History            

Pal & Kid are free ranging characters who live and work at Carrot Ranch. They never tuck tail, but their tales are corralled as Ranch Yarns at ShiftnShake. If asked, they will deny that they spill from the pen of D. Avery. Stop in at the Saddle Up for their freshly served fun. If you or your characters are interested in saddling up as a saloon guest, contact D. Avery at averydede.1@gmail.com .

17 thoughts on “Karaoke At the Saddle Up Saloon

  1. Now we just have to be patient. I wanted to give fair warning to encourage participation but karaoke not until the 4th. Looking forward to HHR Gorman in the house this coming Monday. Email me if you want to be onstage rather than in the comments for karaoke.


    • I’ll keep an eye out for you at the saloon. The Saddle Up Saloon has been a nice place to drop by, to drop out of isolation for a bit. ( a little weird right now as the saloon and my classroom are based from the same kitchen counter…) But check it out. Look forward to seeing you there and whatever lyrics you bring.

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