Returning CRLC Challenge

square-template28Though a response to the Carrot Ranch April 16, 2020, prompt to write a story about something crazy in 99 words (no more, no less), it is also a follow up to two Six Sentence Stories, Rebuked, and Rebuked Again. You might want to read those first. 


“Guess we’ll pack up,” said Bill.

Of course hunting was off. Aaron noticed they’d removed the bolt from his rifle. “You guys must think I’m nuts.”

Harry spoke. “Dad’ll know what to do.”

Always Dad; not my dad, or our dad. Dad. But theirs. Not Aaron’s.

“Guys, let’s go sledding down Bear Hill. Like that time.” He saw the brothers both smile at remembering a long ago weekend at this camp with their dad. And with him. Aaron remembered having a crazy idea then that he could be their brother too, could say the word dad capitalized, fully formed.

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