He hadn’t expected they’d get shot at for trying to land at the airport.

It’s not the virus, just cancer; her dying wish is to spend her last days at the cottage.

He flew low along the deserted shoreline, circled back into the wind. Resisting the compulsion to shield her face, he kept his hands clenched on the yoke, Nose up, come on, there it is, yeah!

Here we are, Dear, let’s just catch our breath before getting you settled in the cottage. I’ll unload the plane before the tide comes in, then together we shall enjoy the sunset, you and I.

****   ***   ****

six sentence story copyLanding             

Wondering what he would do now, he guided the Cessna in wide lazy circles, climbing higher and higher over the airport below, found her hand when she mumbled groggily, told her gently, Almost, Dear, we’re almost there.

Though he’d anticipated some trouble on the ground he had expected to at least be allowed to land, where he’d prevail upon their mercy. We’ve been quarantining, we don’t have that dreaded virus, he’d imagined himself explaining, it’s just cancer and her dying wish is to spend her last days at the cottage.

But the tower voice, terse and tense, had informed him that if he continued his approach he would be shot out of the sky, told him You’re not landing here, just go back where you came from.

Flying away from the airport, he descended, then flew low along the deserted shoreline, turned the plane one more time, into the wind that bent the dune grass, slowed the plane as much as he could, Nose up, nose up, come on, praying the wheels didn’t dig in or a wing drop and catapult them and now the prop flicked slowly, slowly round like the last bit of film off the reel and he flew that plane, hovered it, hands gripping the yoke when what he really wanted to do was shield her face and protect her, but he held on, Here we go, come on, there it is, yeah!

You slept through the landing, Dear, a couple of bumps, but not bad, I’ll just catch my breath before I carry you to the cottage and get you settled, unload the plane before the tide comes in; then we shall enjoy the sunset.

****   ***   ****

The first is 99 words and six sentences, the second six sentences and 280 words.    The 99 word challenge from Carrot Ranch was to include “shield your face” and the Six Sentence Story prompt from Denise at GirlieOnThe Edge is “circle”. 

32 thoughts on “Landing

  1. Oh how I love your story. He was going to make sure she got her final wish, no matter what. I wonder how many real people have been turned away from vitally important happenings over these weeks 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very…empowering* story(s)
    Liked your Six and (your 99)… funny, similar (but different) direction over at my own Six.

    * for the record, I don’t believe in empowering, at least in the context of one person providing power to another person, in the personal power sense, of course. Not the “Here’s 2 six volt batteries.”
    But I liked the word better than ‘inspiring’ which also conveys a certain, ‘you should be stronger, let me make you stronger’ vibe.
    Probably meant evocative? of something… I’d better get back up to the Comment, they’ll be wondering where we are.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved your double SSS. Pulls at the heart strings. I imagine there are many who would like to remove their loved ones from hospitals, nursing homes, etc. knowing they are unable to visit them in the last days of their lives and go with them into the sunset.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was just going for the Six, but saw I could use the shield prompt in that too, so did, then challenged myself to get the Six story into 99 words. I don’t know why. But it is interesting to see what happens and I do know the final Six is better for the exercise. I think I prefer the Six version better for the details but would prefer it more if it wasn’t limited to Six sentences, not for more words, but smoother syntax. But I followed the rules, Man.


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