Condition #sixsentencestory

six sentence story copyThe weeks just fly by, don’t they? Do you paint them by number too? Week Four for me, but it is time again for the latest Six Sentence Story entries. The rules are simple; include the prompt word “identity” or some form of it and write six sentences. The link is made available Wednesday evenings by Denise of  GirlieOntheEdge. Simple fun.

Condition, D. Avery

Arrival at the strange planet imminent, they were urged to come to a decision soon, were assured again how it wasn’t so much assuming or displacing another being’s identity, but was a temporary but necessary integration.

They were pleased with the explanation that they would have the full experience of the life form they chose, would have access to its memories and also its potential.

But when finally they shared their choice, they were told not to occupy a whale.

Why, they wondered; weren’t they required to incorporate a life form both intelligent and empathic?

They were reminded that they were meant to choose from among the human life forms.

They were confused by these contradictory orders.


34 thoughts on “Condition #sixsentencestory

  1. Good one.
    (I would have accepted ‘dog’ as well as whale. lol)
    Surely we can hope that (any) future non-human are not descended from any aquatic mammals, I suspect they would not be amused.
    I am a fan of science fiction as if offers a canvas that is especially blank for anyone wanting to hold up human foibles and other embarrassing traits like a predilection for recreational violence.

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  2. I suspect most would rather just stay within their own human experiences than have access to flashback memories of others.
    What a great twist on this Six!

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  3. This is curious – your story takes me right to a book I’m reading at the moment that involves – aliens, humans, whales. Have you read The Power of Three or Power Multiplied by Cathy Parker? Check out the blurbs!

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    • I have never heard of those books. This is an aberration, as I generally avoid aliens in my reading and my writing. But it would make more sense to speak with the whales if you came by to work on the place, so good for Cathy Parker.


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