Saddle Up Saloon; Bar Hire

Bar’s open at Carrot Ranch. Come by for tips and takeaways from author Anne Goodwin.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community


“Well howdy, Ma’am. Welcome ta the Saddle Up Saloon. Ma name’s Pal O’ Round, an’ you must be here about the job interview.”

“Job interview? No, I—”

“What we need aroun’ here is someone with a varied skillset, kin do lotsa diff’rent things. Fer instance, say a light bulb needed changin’. Would ya be able ta change it?”

“I could try, but the light bulb would have to truly desire change. You see, I’m a psychologist.”

“I don’t see whut bein’ a cyclist has ta do with anythin’. Lotta folks aroun’ here ride hosses, but all types is welcome, an’ it seems ta keep ya fit, so if ya wanna spin yer wheels, thet’s fine.”

“Psychologist, not cyclist! I was both, but I haven’t cycled since my bike was nicked and I haven’t psychologised officially for ten years. But, like riding a bike, you never completely forget how to do…

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