Taking Charge CRLC Challenge

square-template9-1.pngThe Carrot Ranch March 26, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story in which a character takes charge. Who is this character, and what situation calls for their action? It can be playful or serious, fantastical, or realistic. Go where the prompt leads!

I also encourage you to backtrack over to Carrot Ranch to read Charli’s posts that prompt her prompts. You’ll be glad you did.

Taking Charge

She cracked the front door, her face a bruised sunrise. “I walk into doors,” she offered. “I’m learning though, either shut them tight or open them wide.”

“I would like to speak with the man of the house.”

Over her shoulder, thin pale legs scampered up the stairs. She blocked the rest of the view into the home.

“He’s not here.”

“When shall I call again?”

The woman paused, straightened. “He had to go away.”

“When will he return?”

“He couldn’t say. Now, do you want to talk to the man of the house or to who’s in charge?”

14 thoughts on “Taking Charge CRLC Challenge

    • I think her bruised face and little children are the why. With 99 words, who knows how? Dark? Nah, this woman has learned to take charge to protect herself and kids. And that bruised face is a sunRise, denoting avery optimistic outlook.
      Ok, maybe a little dark. Just glad to have a response for the prompt; this is what came my way.

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