d’Verse Open Link Night #262



candles, matches

lantern oil


No, that’s for power outages.

The weather is fine.


groceries! food to last (For how long? The weather is fine)




toilet paper

(Why are the shelves empty? The weather is fine)


To do:

 batten hatches

buckets of water for flushing

top up gas tank

No, that’s for hurricanes, for when

the lines might be down for days.

But the taps work, the pump runs, the electric remains.

Transportation systems go.

The weather is fine.


Bucket list

No, get to that another time.

 Stay in place, isolate.

Reach out.

Share what you can.

Enjoy the weather.

The weather is fine.


That’s what I wrote and didn’t post for Bjorn’s “Meeting the Bar” Listen to Lists Challenge last Thursday. That was a week ago, a day before I went into the grocery store and saw how much things had changed; two days before I got notice that we had Monday to prepare for a three-week school closure; before I came to suspect that it will be more than three weeks. Last Thursday, the twilight-zone feeling that was just beginning to cloak this community was countered by humor and hardy spirits, though with admissions to never having seen the like. Many have certainly weathered discomforts and isolation for a few days and so prepared as they would for any good blow, a snowstorm, a hurricane. Some prepared minimally, others rapaciously.

This Thursday we wish each other well and walk a line stretched taut between alarm and optimism. We continue to remark upon the weather, on how spring’s come early, though some say snow yet to come.

Dawn’s a noisy time

Songbirds belfry budded branch

Insouciant crows caw


So, a retake on a list poem and a sort of haibun for Open Link Night at d’Verse Pub for Poets, graciously hosted by Grace. So glad the pub is still open. Thank you to all who pour and to all who partake. May all be well.

42 thoughts on “d’Verse Open Link Night #262

  1. A week ago I went and couldn’t believe how empty the shelves were. They told us they would be restocked. Ventured out yesterday and it was even worse. I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I found a pkg of toilet paper.

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    • The cross outs are meant to convey not completion but rather irrelevance, as we’ve never had to make a list for this before. It truly felt like a hurricane coming with people wanting to prepare but also gathering to drink and be merry in the calm before the storm. Probably shared a whole lotta virus in that particular phase. We are getting educated. Of course now it’s long distance learning. Thanks for coming by. Always a pleasure!

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  2. Very clever list poem, and a creative way to make a poetic statement about the pandemic. I sure agree we walk a tightrope between caution and optimism.

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    • Thanks. And then there’s the “Pandemic? What pandemic?” folks out and about. I’m just following directions myself, and never more grateful for the internet. Making the most of having more time around the house. Grateful to have a house.
      Thanks for risking a visit!

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  3. I really like the ambiguous title: listing can mean writing lists or leaning to the side as in a damaged ship listing to starboard, which is how some of us are feeling at the moment. Bravo on the crossed out items and the rhetorical questions, ones we are all asking, and the ‘asides’ that show this situation is not like any other crisis. The final advice is perfect.

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    • Thank you for your thorough thoughtful comments. Yeah, gotta try and end on a positive. I crossed out Isolation as I disagree with some of the terms used, like social isolation. Distance, yes, isolation, no. We have all sorts of means to check in on one another and should. And more than ever, sharing is caring. Extreme hoarding is only exacerbating the situation and making it difficult to ascertain real and actual need. If things had been rationed, or at least reasonable, from the beginning needs could be met for all.

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  4. Yes. The situation changes daily. We don’t know what tomorrow brings. But I do know that when I awake in the morning, the birds will be singing, giving thanks for a new day. I think it best to join in with their song.
    Stay safe and well.

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  5. Love this post and your poem. Insouciant crows are worrisome as they like to tell all. 🙂

    The stores in our area have good days and bad days as far as being stocked. We’re lucky to have several stores closeby and there is always the option for delivery.

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