Different Drum CRLC Challenge

square-template.pngThe Carrot Ranch March 12, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes tapping. You can play with the sound, make it an action, or create something unexpected. Tap a story and go where the prompt leads!
I managed to get Civil War Veteran Robert to return, along with his young brother. You may remember them from earlier stories like THIS or  THIS.

Different Drum

Robert pitched the last of the hay up into the hayloft. “Just in time,” he smiled at Thomas. “Hear that?”

“Rain!” The much-needed rain began as an intermittent tapping then gathered strength, drumming the barn roof overhead.

“No, that’s not rain, Thomas. Listen.” He grabbed up a bucket and a couple wooden pegs. Thomas, shouldering a hayfork, marched to the drumbeat Robert tapped out, around and around the hay wagon until finally they stopped, exhilarated.

“A call to arms!”

Robert took the hayfork from his little brother, said gently, “No, Thomas. No. Listen. It’s the call to cease firing.”

****      ****     ****

OIP.z7_oYMMEvs9bhBOAFixAkADREqRobert and Thomas sat on overturned buckets, watching the rain.

“One of our drummer boys often worked with me in the field hospital.”

The beginning of a story made Thomas forget his disappointment with the ceasefire.

“This boy only ever talked about his mama’s chicken dumplings. One day he’s scarce, I figured maybe he run off even. But then he shows up drumming. Soft, taptaptap. ‘What’s that call?’ I asked him. Taptaptap. When I turn he’s not even holding his sticks. Yet still, taptaptap. ‘Call for dinner’. Tips his drum to show me the hen pecking from underneath, taptaptap.”


14 thoughts on “Different Drum CRLC Challenge

    • Your comment just fortified me. Thank you. This is a recurring character and he has had his dark episodes. I had some other story ideas for this prompt but they were all dark and I refused to write them. I waited until this character and his brother could have a bit of a healing time, rain or not. I’m glad if that came through.

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