Keepin’ It T’gether

This post doesn’t meet this week’s Carrot Ranch challenge.

Be Bold (JULY)

“Kid! We ain’t out on some dusty roundup. Git thet bandana off a yer face. I git our whole western mo-tif but ya shouldn’t be ‘round the Ranch lookin’ like a bank robber.”

“Ain’tcha heard nuthin’ Pal? Thought we was s’posed ta wear masks.”

“Not here on the Ranch, Kid. Ya’ll skeer folks.”

“Mebbe I’m skeered, Pal.”

“I git thet Kid, but ‘member, this here’s a safe place, like always. Jist be cautious.”

“’Bout germs?”

“No. Well, yeah, but more ’bout inframation. Only take in an’ only spread what’s helpful and fact based. No matter who mighta said whut.”


“Jist scientific facts?”

“No alternatives.”

“I’m still skeered Pal.”

“That’s okay Kid. An’ since ya done wiped yer eyes with thet bandana, jist keep thet ta yersef.”

“The fact that I cried?”

“Cryin’s okay, Kid. But keep thet bandana ta yersef. Wash it an’ wash yer hands. Plain ol’ soap will do. Kid, you an’ me’re used ta bein’ on our own, but folks gotta realize it’s physical isolation bein’ asked fer, ever’one keepin’ a distance. But with all kinda devices available we kin still reach out, be social. What the Ranch has always done, world-wide.”

“Write on.”



Though this post is in 99 word increments, it does not meet this week’s Carrot Ranch Challenge as it does not include nor allude to “tapping”. This has been a strange week to say the least, getting stranger by the minute, and as so many have said, unlike anything yet known. I want to respond to the weekly challenge as if everything is the same, and may yet, but these two wanted this post. These two, Kid and Pal, have until quite recently been isolated, seen only at Carrot Ranch and on their own pages here at ShiftnShake, tucked within the menu bar. They are hoping that, even as people are asked to hunker down and self-distance, or whatever the term is, people will in fact come together and emerge from this situation as more compassionate and empathic global citizens. One world, one people.  

12 thoughts on “Keepin’ It T’gether

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  2. It is hard to offer condolences when someone passes. Though family has come in for a death…
    We attempt to try and keep some distance. One was recently out of country and once they return home will have to be in isolation for 14 days because where they are at things are worse than here…

    We too have gotten to the point where too much news is. well too much. So glad we have a place to gather and here and at the Ranch.

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