Another Slice of Pi Day


A ShiftnShake tradition since March 14, 2018, I once again serve you a poem of Pi, that little number that has endlessly delighted mathematicians for four thousand years. See more here (3/14/18) and here (3/14/19). Here’s hoping your day is endless fun.

22/7   (greater than 3.14159 26535 89793 23846…)


Time’s steady beat has brought us to the 14th of March

to again celebrate Pi Day, just for a lark

We’ll examine a number, one infinitely rude

one that has the audacity to never conclude

the little number growing increasingly longer

as its decimal places show incrementally smaller

stretching a number that will always be

less than four, little more than three

On the whole Pi brings no satisfaction

just slightly more than an approximate fraction.

Round off, for we’ll certainly never put pi in its place

the pursuit shows mere mortals too to be approximate

But it seems to give some a reassurance and pleasure

this proof of things beyond the scope of man’s measure

A measure of humility, oh good heavens

measurably less than twenty-two sevenths.

11 thoughts on “Another Slice of Pi Day

  1. Hey, yea, let’s celebrate pi. I once spent some time playing with pi (well, in truth I was playing with circles). I discovered if we change our counting base to 7 (our base of ten isn’t a universal given) then pi = 3.1. Now consider against that the early spread of Indo-European culture, the I.E. use of 3 as a sacred number, and the coincidental (?) spread of stone circles… and one asks (or at least I did), were those circles erected by folks who used a counting base of 7?
    Like I said, I was playing.

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