Lookin’ Good (#FOWC, #SSS, #CRLC)

One eye’s fer lookin’, the other jist fer looks.                                                     

“Ain’t likin’ this, Kid, it’s breakin’ with ma routine, makin’ me feel real outa place cuz we ain’t never been nowhere’s but Carrot Ranch or ShiftnShake.”

“Frankie done lost her glass eye ridin’ Clarice- dang hoss’s gotta gait like a jack hammer- an’ I reckon they mighta been by this way. We gotta hep her, Pal, she’s only got the one visualin’ eye; this other’s jist fer looks.

“An’ we’ll look good fer Frankie, but why’re we trackin’ through Fandango’s site too, what’s searchin’ fer Frankie’s eye got ta do with his One Word Challenge?”

“Word’s ‘visual-eyes’.”

“I see.”


I’m kind of agreeing with Pal. It might be best if these two characters stayed on the Ranch or on their Ranch Yarns page. But here they are, because they want to help out their friend Frankie, the one-eyed postal worker who has has had a rough ride since her horse Burt got put on administrative leave for eating some mail. Fictional characters who identify as real, these two yahoos took up residence at Carrot Ranch some time ago and won’t go away. It is slightly concerning that they jumped the fence and are here in a mash up. 

Carrot Ranch March 5th  99 word challenge: “Clarice”

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: “Visualize”

Six Sentence Story (link opens 3/11/20) “Routine”

The story uses two more prompts in addition to these to continue and conclude in “Eyes on the Prize”.

six sentence story copy                            screen-shot-2020-01-20-at-4.02.57-pm.png square-template9

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