Less Traveled CRLC Challenge

No point in arguing. Who needs open road adventures?  


Here’s my 99 word fiction for the Carrot Ranch February 27 challenge. Entries don’t have to be fiction, they just have to be 99 words, no more, no less, and this week the prompt is to write about an open road. Take a ride to the ranch to see more road tales or to leave one of your own.




It was something, the same old something, but no point in arguing now. She’d be lucky if he wasn’t snoring in the car before they got home. No, he’d make it, because he was still complaining about the evening.

“Boring old fools, going on and on about their RV trip. Who cares? Open road adventures my ass. Who needs it?”

Almost there. She noted he’d filled the tank earlier.

“I’ll just have a nightcap with the news lady.”

His snores were louder than the click of the door. With only one light bag she hit the road.

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