Going Under CCC#68 #SFFiction

It’s that time of year again. From February 29 through April 4, Ben Warden of SeriousFlashFiction is challenging writers to submit 269 character stories via twitter. Selected entries are featured in a print anthology.

This will be my third year taking part in this fun contest. In case you’re wondering, 269 characters is about fifty words. Last year I mostly just tried to boil any flash fictions that I was writing for my regular weekly responses down to 269 characters, an interesting exercise in getting a story down to the bone. I will likely attempt that again, paring 99 word or six sentence stories down; but I will also take advantage of prompts where I have been an infrequent respondent. I have often remarked that photo prompts do not “speak to me”, that I find it hard to put words to them, though I sometimes do. For this #SFFiction season I am going to make more of an effort to use some of these fine photo prompts to jumpstart a 269 character story. I would not have the following first entry if not for Crispina Kemp’s photo from her Crimson’s Creative Challenge #68.

I encourage you to check out Crispina’s blog and to take part in the Creative Challenge. Anywhere that you play with words, consider putting 269 characters’ worth into a twitter story for fun and a chance at publication.







Here’s mine:

She awakened, alarmed. Took stock. A loud splash. She only pulled her sleeping bag tighter in the cold night air.

What did she care? Another bum under the bridge. Just further out.

She exhaled. Far enough out she wouldn’t have to worry about being bothered by that one.



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