Open Road

square-template6.pngThe February 27, 2020, Carrot Ranch prompt from Charli Mills: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes the open road. Where will the trip lead? Who is going, and why? Follow the open road wherever it may lead!

I really delighted in the work of some local artist road warrior this morning. I can’t help but share a true story of a real road. In 99 words plus pictures.


IMG_2846.JPGNantucket names an island, but also a county as well as a town. While useless for travel to another town or county, the island contains many roads; tar roads, cobblestone roads, and sand roads of varying conditions. There is one tar road, a five-mile stretch of state highway, whose condition and maintenance is the responsibility of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

IMG_2838.JPGRecently, the state decided to clutter this formerly open road with a ridiculous number of signs. The Town is protesting the ugliness IMG_2841.JPGand uselessness of these signs.



I suggest these signs stay. Public safety should never be taken lightly.



There be dragons…


and mermaids…


Mermaids beware!




Take them to the leaders.


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