Our Great Aunt arrived carrying a cake she’d made special, a cake she’d carried all that long way on the Greyhound, a cake that was carefully sliced and served that first evening for dessert. We weren’t sure about our Great Aunt, but that cake was amazing, delicious like none other.

Now, lifting the lid on the cake carrier, she found just a sliver, a sliver so thin it leaned, barely standing on its own, and exclaimed, “Well, now, doesn’t that take the cake?”

We thought she might be mad but then saw that she was smiling, smiling with tears in her eyes, saying, “The sister sliver, exactly what your grandmother and I used to do, neither of us ever daring to eat the very last of the cake.”

Her eyes shone brightly as she shoved that last thin slice of cake into her mouth.


six sentence story copy

The word I heard at Denise’s GirlieOntheEdge’s blog this week is “slice“. The link is open. Limit six sentences per story; write responsibly.

21 thoughts on “Cake

  1. What a sweet story and I assure you no pun intended!
    I have never heard tell of stories about last slivers however, certain members of my family had/have a prodigious ability to sliver cake, coffee cake, you name it, anything requiring the act of slicing. Indeed, they turned “the sliver” into an art form, lol

    Side note: one of the things I love about this hop – not only do you learn about writing but you have the opportunity to learn about practically anything under the sun!

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  2. God forbid one took ‘the last’ of anything in the refrigerator. It was the ultimate breach in good-manners.

    I do, however, find myself wondering about that line, “…she found just a sliver, a sliver so thin it leaned, barely standing on its own.”

    …so it was the last… or was it curled from the top edge, like a piece of 1970s computer printer paper, browning and trying to re-roll itself?

    Hell of a question to be demanding my mental resources on a Friday morning.

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    • Oh, Clark, it was the last, the very last sliver, slivered so thin that to sliver another sliver from it was finally impossible, but the fact of it standing was a remarkable thing, a minor miracle and consuming that wafer-like slice of cake in the communion of these young descendants of her dear old sister reinstated the old woman’s faith, though in what she couldn’t quite say.

      PS, you may want to check the expiration dates on the food in your fridge.

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  3. In my family, whoever eats the last of anything silently hangs back and watches the fun of others thinking THEY are going to get the last slice and being terribly disappointed. That’s me. I’m the one who ate the last slice….

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