Flower Power dVerse Poetics


My ode is to Allium-

(chives, garlic, scallions)-

Bulbous, leafy, and floriferous

edible though quite odiferous

Rising tall in florist jars

fisted scape, bold like Mars

There’s not a more perseverant flower

Ode to Allium, for its full bodied power.


Over at dVerse Pub for Poets, in Poetics would have us “think about what flower you most identify with or is your favorite (I know that will be hard!) and write a poem from the perspective of that flower. Some questions to think about: How did the flower begin? What has it seen? How does it feel to be a flower? Where did it end?”             wild onion flower

My poem doesn’t quite answer the challenge, but there it is, a few lines alluding to the many strengths of the genus Allium. Allium’s cultivated forms are many and varied, finding favor with kitchen gardeners as well as landscape gardeners and florists. There are also many wild forms, easily identified by their scent and easily foraged and eaten.



If you’re not sold yet, look what else they do- bulbils! This is a power plant, above and below ground. 


24 thoughts on “Flower Power dVerse Poetics

    • Thank you. I was not sure about a flowery response to the prompt but this plant inspired me. I love how it is entirely edible and pungent, from bulb to stem to scape to flower and even the flower goes full circle with the bulbils. I needed the rootedness of this flower. Thank you for the prompt.

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