Filling the Page D’Verse quadrille # 97

dverselogoWhimzyGizmo is hosting Quadrille Monday at D’Verse Pub for Poets this evening. She would have us fill the page with a 44 word poem prompted by  the word “fill”. The following fulfills the word count and somewhere within is the word “fill”. Additionally I played with the quadrille form, with an ascending then descending word count- 4,5,6,7,7,6,5,4- for a grand total of 44. Just because. What shall we call this variant?



Wilted ones cast away

some preened, pruned, renewed bouquet

refreshing tasks at end of day.

Shake the grate, clean out the ash

stoke fire again, cold night to last.

Dark filled space between night stars

fading flowers in a jar

questions all we are.



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