Reunion #sixsentencestory


You may want to read The Connection and Knowing before reading this Six Sentence Story

The Reunion

Their college friends speculated that he was still off in the woods somewhere pursuing Sasquatch, or joked that maybe Bigfoot Bill had worked his way up and by now had been abducted by aliens; or they commiserated, said they couldn’t blame her for not staying with him; she met it all with a shrug and a small, noncommittal smile.

“You really miss him, don’t you?” and she gushed ‘yes’ before she realized her friend was of course referring to Bill, but it wasn’t Bill she was thinking of, it wasn’t Bill that had her counting the hours until she could head back.

“Nobody has seen him or heard from him, it’s like Bill just disappeared off the face of the Earth.”

She hid her wide eyes behind her tilted wine glass, startled, for that’s exactly what had happened.

Bill had come back, snooping around her campsite, asking her why she was still pursuing Sasquatch without him, but quieted when she invited him to walk with her along the cliff trail.

Shy and gentle, Sasquatch would not hurt anyone; but she was only human.


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The Six Sentence Story prompt is brought to us by Denise at GirlieOnTheEdge. The word this week is “face” and the link opens for readers and writers on Wednesday.  


19 thoughts on “Reunion #sixsentencestory

  1. Reading the story of Imaginary people living fictional lives while conversing with virtual friends, surely there needs to be a faux Latin term for this place that offers so much to those with a certain view of the world.
    Very cool.

    (Those darn characters!! Can’t they see we’re trying to live like respectable members of the everyday world?)

    Liked by 1 person

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